wubi ubuntu installer for windows

Download Wubi or Ubuntu Installer for Windows 64/32 Bit

Wubi Installer or Ubuntu Installer is a tool created for Windows that is able to download and install any Linux version you need on your PC. With Wubi, you can install Linux on any partition without deleting your actual Windows OS.

wubi installer for windows

How to install Ubuntu without a CD or DVD

With Wubi you can download different types of Linux releases like Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mythbuntu, Edubuntu, and Lubuntu. After you choose with type of Linux you want to download, choose the partition for it, and click Install. Wubi will download your OS and after that, it will initiate the setup. Everything is handled without burning the ISO on CD or DVD.

Ubuntu Linux Download

If you want to test a new operating system for your PC, Ubuntu is one of the OS’es that people choose to test. I have played a little with Linux but things are totally different from Windows. I have found it to be more stable than Windows and cleaner but at the same time, I’m missing things that I have learned on Windows. Thanks to Linux developers, if you miss the .exe files, you have a solution to use, called Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer. With this tool you can install any .exe you wish on the Linux OS. Feel free to leave a comment if you get stuck with the installation.